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9-25 May 2013: The Day Remains

The Day Remains refers to an inversion of the title of the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro (Remains of the Day, 1989), in which he uses the structural devices of memory and perspective to interweave past and present in the subtle nuances of unspoken relationships.

The Day Remains

Here, the vestiges of memory or the traces of the ordinary were subtly turned on their head as their quiet marks belie their extraordinariness. The traces left behind by an abstract memory, a physical shadow of the reflection of objects in the dark, the vestige of a photograph or the imprint of a long forgotten place emerge in the work on show and create understated connections.  This exhibition traced each artist’s individual treatment of the theme, in order to present a provocative and challenging visual exploration of the notion of what remains of our fragmentary remembrances of the everyday.  Curated by Victoria Ahrens.