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6-30 June 2014: East and West: Visualising the Ottoman City

As the main impact event of the AHRC conference project Ottoman Pasts, Present Cities: Cosmopolitanism and Transcultural Memories, this exhibition brought together three contemporary artists using lens-based media, focusing on the representations of the Ottoman City: Aikaterini Gegisian, Leslie Hakim-Dowek and Paris Petridis. Leslie Hakim-Dowek is also the curator of the exhibition.

In this exhibition, at the intersection of personal and history, the artists focused on Ottoman cities bridging East and West, past and present. Through various approaches including documentary photography or archival-based practice, some works focus on the legacies of and transitions from the Ottoman Empire and its multiple histories of Diaspora and erasure. Other works look at the transformations and forgotten sites of Ottoman cities articulated through post and transcultural memories.