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1-9 May 2014: Print Dialogues

Print Dialogues is a solo exhibition of lens-based work by the artist and researcher Victoria Ahrens. Her work explores the interstices between photography and printmaking in the depiction of the lost landscape.

Print Dialogues - victoria image

Working initially from rediscovered analogue snapshots of the Paraná River in South America, she reworks the imagery through various screens, questioning the fragmentary nature of memory and the possibility of the ruin in her contemporary print installations. Like typewriter ribbons that preserve an imprint of the stories written on them in their fibres, these experiments in print map the successive layers that erase and transform the landscape, generating a new narrative and collapsing past and present. Victoria has recently shown in Florence where she won the Celeste Photography Prize 2013, and was selected as the prizewinner for the Clifford Chance Purchase Prize 2013. She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, and is currently studying for her practice based PHD at Birkbeck College, UL.