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Proposing an exhibition or event in the Peltz Gallery

The Peltz Gallery is a space for exhibitors in the School of Arts, being run as a non-commercial gallery. Please note that the Peltz Gallery is not bookable as a teaching room. Due to the taxation status of the Gallery, admission is free and thus no charges can be offset from any income. The Gallery does not handle the sale of work. A flat rate for use of the space is asked for exhibitors/proposers that do not work within the School of Arts.

Proposals for exhibitions are invited from anyone at Birkbeck but their nomination must be supported by a member of staff at the Birkbeck School of Arts. If you would like to make a proposal for the use of the Gallery space , please check the following documents: ‘Advice for Exhibitors’, ‘Events Calendar’, ‘Peltz Gallery floor plan and technical specifications’, and then complete the online proposal form.

Please note that all proposals must be formally made by a member of academic staff at Birkbeck. Students wishing to exhibit in The Peltz Gallery are normally expected to be studying at PhD level and must be nominated by a member of the academic staff at Birkbeck.

Proposals for exhibitions are reviewed regularly by the Arts Space Steering Committee. If the proposal is approved by the Committee, a member will be assigned to liaise with you.

Please be aware that due to lack of personnel and budget, successful applicants are entirely responsible for the events within the gallery including setting up, invigilation, taking down and all costs incurred for our Estates team to make good in the gallery. The proposer must take full responsibility for ensuring that the correct procedures are followed and that the correct personnel are informed about your event.

For further information please contact