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Below is a selection of podcasts from previous events held by Birkbeck's Eighteenth-Century Research Group. You can see a list of all past events here.

Adapting Diderot's Le Neveu de Rameau/Rameau's Nephew

Monday 18 May 2015, 6pm - 9pm, Room G01, 43 Gordon Square
Organiser: Dr Ann Lewis (

This roundtable explored one of Diderot's best known and most enigmatic texts, Le Neveu de Rameau as it has been recently edited, translated and adapted in new media and for new audiences. Speakers discussed their highly innovative, new (and award-winning) multimedia translation, edited by Marian Hobson, translated by Kate Tunstall and Caroline Warman (Open Book Publishers, 2014), together with Phoebe von Held's 1998 theatrical adaptation of the text.  


Talking Mr Turner
Organiser: Dr Kate Retford (

A discussion of Mike Leigh's film, Mr Turner. A panel including Jacqueline Riding, the film’s Historical Consultant, Sarah McBryde, its Production Manager and Tim Wright – who taught Timothy Spall to paint –  discussed the film, and its representation of the great artist.


Clouds: Objects, Metaphor, Phenomena

Clouds are not only meteorological phenomena: they are also ethereal bodies with a long history of association with the emotions and with literary and social metaphor. Dr Vladimir Jankovic (Manchester), Dr Richard Hamblyn (Birkbeck)and Professor Esther Leslie (Birkbeck) discussed clouds from eighteenth-century meteorology and Romantic poetry to nuclear mushrooms and cloud computing. As well as the recordings below, the event was reviewed by Rebecca Royle, who is starting Birkbeck’s BA Creative Writing in September.

From Text to Screen and Back: Adaptations across media

Dr Richard Taws (UCL), Dr Silke Arnold de Simine (Birkbeck), Dr Ann Lewis (Birkbeck) explore the contested but highly productive concept of intermediality, and its relation to ideas of adaptation, through case studies taken from across English, French and German-speaking cultures.

Helen Cowie – Doing a Roaring Trade: Travelling Menageries in 19th-Century Britain

Susan Matthews (Roehampton), ‘Reading Blake in the 1790s: Counterrevolution and European Visual Culture’

Disorder of Things workshop:

Blog post by Luisa Cale: