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Podcast: Filming the Absent Mother

A collaboration between Birkbeck's Institute for the Moving Image, Institute for Social Research and MaMSIE (Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics).

This symposium was designed around the juxtaposition of two films, both about the disappearance of the director’s mother: Liseli Marazzi when Alina was 7, Clotilde Vautier when Mariana was 5. Neither child was told anything about the circumstances of her mother’s death. Using differing aesthetic strategies, both films investigate the mother’s life and, in the process of unraveling the mystery of her disappearance, reveal social and psychosocial problems  and issues that continue to be relevant for feminism. But the directors also use cinema and narration to address their own loss, creating a moving and emotional, as well as a historical and political, dialogue between the two films.

Screening: Histoire d’un secret (Mariana Otero 2003) and Un’ora sola ti vorrei (Alina Marazzi 2002)


Introduction by Marlene Monteiro of Mariana Otero

Introduction by Laura Mulvey of Alina Marazzi

Discussion with Filmmakers Alina Marazzi and Mariana Otero

Panel with Marlene Monteiro, Emma Wilson and Laura Mulvey - listen below:

Panel with Lisa Baraitser, Andrew Asibong, Lesley Caldwell and Sasha Roseneil