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John Smith's 'Hackney Films'

Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image is delighted to present three works by the experimental film-maker John Smith:

  • The Girl Chewing Gum (12 mins.)
  • Hackney Marshes (TV version) (30 mins.)
    Blight (14 mins.)

Born and bred in East London, John Smith has produced a body of [experimental film] work which is both an 'objective' and a personal response to urban change. He achieves this without collapsing into a facile political posturing, or an omnipotent 'mirroring' or understanding of it. Smith’s world is seen through a prism of humour, absurdity and easy-going but formally rich structures. His keen artistic intelligence never allows self-indulgence to offer cheap balms. Rather, it is through Smith’s fundamental humanism pervaded by sadness that art comes to offer its restorative power, whilst always remaining grounded in the world as we experience it.

John Smith will be present for a discussion after the screening.

See event flyer here.

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