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Zoe Beloff: 'The Days of the Commune. A Street Production of the Play  by Bert Brecht’

In the spring of 2012, Zoe Beloff brought together a group of actors, activists and enthusiasts to perform The Days of the Commune (1949) in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.   Thinking about Occupy as a radical theatre of the people, Beloff conceptualised this project as a ‘work in progress’; the group performed the work, scene by scene, in public spaces around New York City, starting in Zuccotti Park.  The Paris Commune was the first great modern Occupation, where workers turned their city into a progressive democracy of the people.  Bringing this movement into dialogue with Brecht’s radical restaging, Beloff asks us to imagine new possibilities for changing the world in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

Zoe Beloff is an artist who works with a wide range of media including film, projection performance, installation and drawing. She considers herself a medium, an interface between the living and the dead, the real and the imaginary. Each project aims to connect the present to past so that it might illuminate the future in new ways. She is currently exploring utopian ideas of social progress.

When?12 June, 2-7:30pm
Where? Birkbeck Cinema

Download the flyer here.