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Fluid Physicalities conference

Fluid Physicalities is a series of lectures and a conference organised by Professors Anthony Bale(Medieval Studies) and Esther Leslie (Political Aesthetics), with support from Wellcome ISSF.

Fluid Physicalities: day conference, 10th March 2017.

Blood; ejaculate; spit & phlegm; tears; mucus & pus; urine; diarrhoea; milk; vomit; sweat. Sometimes the body seems to be a leaky collection of liquids, a porous and productive entity, a body that repeatedly transgresses its own boundaries through seeping and oozing, or even gushing. During 2016, Fluid Physicalities has been running as a seminar series, convened by Anthony Bale and Esther Leslie and hosted by Birkbeck College’s School of Arts.

Our closing conference will be a full day of vivid and interesting papers, presentations, and installations. Refreshments will be provided for all. The event is free, but you must register to attend - please use this online form to reserve your place.

We have up to 10 travel bursaries for post-grad and early career presenters. These will be allocated once the programme is finalised.