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Arts Week 2017: exhibitions

During Arts Week we also hosted two exhibitions and a sound installation.

Mr A Moves in Mysterious Ways: Selected Artists from the Adamson Collection

    Where? Peltz Gallery

    The Adamson Collection is an internationally renowned collection of art objects made by residents of a long-stay British psychiatric hospital between 1946 and 1981 under the guidance of art-therapy pioneer Edward Adamson. Mr A Moves in Mysterious Ways: Selected Artists from the Adamson Collection will display selected works from the collection to tell the story of Adamson’s groundbreaking use of art as a therapeutic tool; to provide insight into the experiences of the creators of the artworks; and to reflect on the range of factors that may have influenced their production, including clinical, artistic, personal, social and material.

Poems without words: a little exhibition

    Where? Vitrine, Cinema Foyer

    Bronac Ferran has curated a mini-exhibition of experimental visual poetry of the twentieth century. What kind of poetry can be written without words?  What happens to meaning if there are only letters, lines and signs?  Can poetry move if there is no metre or rhythm?

If the walls could talk

    Where? Listening post
    Running time: 20 minutes

    This sound installation for two listeners at a time responds to our historic building, formerly home to members of the Bloomsbury Group. Listen and be transported into a world of chatter, urban noise and imaginative reflection on what classrooms, bathrooms, corridors and dead ends might say if only they could. Created by BA Theatre and Drama students.