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Tuesday 21 May

Dance insight evening

    The Dance Programme at Birkbeck presents various studio sharings and public performances each year, and now for Arts Week we open the studio doors for you to see first hand how our dancers taken on the challenge of their technical training and creative explorations.  This floor show allows you to see how this fast moving, high-powered contemporary class tests physical strength, endurance and the dancer’s ability to rapidly shift from standing to low flying movements into the floor.

    When? 18:00-19:55
    Where? Studio 8, The Place, Flaxman Terrace, London, WC1H 9AT
    Booking: No booking required - first come, first seated

Tour of The Day Remains exhibition with the curator

    This will be an opportunity to tour the exhibition with the curator (Victoria Ahrens) and find out how the artists were chosen and how their work fits into the themes of the show. The audience will also have the opportunity to speak to each of the artists in person about their work, and discover how they go about making the individual pieces. These include paintings/ projections/ printmaking techniques/ sculptures and films.

    When? 18:00-19:20
    Where? The Peltz Room, 43 Gordon Square
    Booking: This event  is free but you need to book - see

Reading American Modernist poetry

    Writers from the United States made vital contributions to the development of poetry in the twentieth century. Some of the texts that they produced are challenging. Yet they can be rewarding to read. This seminar will demonstrate this through a live exercise in the close reading of American Modernist poetry. Dr Joseph Brooker will lead a discussion of poetic works by William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) and Louis Zukofsky (1904-1978). The audience will be invited to participate fully in our exploration of the poetry. The seminar will showcase the rewards of reading literature collectively, a practice that is at the heart of our teaching in the Department of English and Humanities.

    When? 18:00-19:20
    Where? Room 403, 30 Russell Square
    Booking: This event is free, but please reserve your space here.

Theatre: To pay or not to pay? Panel discussion on voluntary labour in the arts

    How prevalent is voluntary work in the theatre sector? What is the future of the fringe and unfunded work if legislation outlaws voluntary labour? Is unpaid work a necessary part of an early career, or exploitation? A panel and audience discussion with guests including Anthony Biggs (artistic director of Jermyn Street Theatre) and Paul Fleming (Equity).

    When? 18:00-19:20
    Where? G10, 43 Gordon Square
    Booking: This event is free, but please reserve your space here.

Victorian dolls and material play

    This presentation by Eugenia Gonzalez-Posse (Birkbeck) explores the Victorian fascination with the doll and the various ways in which this most fraught and symbolic of objects was brought to life in literary and cultural texts of the period. It will consider the doll’s didactic and imaginative uses and what its persistent animation can tell us about Victorian attitudes towards childhood, imagination and the material world.

    When? 19:40-21:00
    Where? Room 124, 43-46 Gordon Square
    Booking: This event is free, but please reserve a place online.

Shakespeare and the senses

Film maker Mark Lewis in conversation with writer David Campany

    Mark Lewis makes films and digital works. By using film as a gallery medium, he investigates the process of cinema production while also taking into consideration the wider tradition of photography and art. Recent films like Man (2012), Smoker at Spitalfields (2012) and City Road 24 March (2012) make direct reference to the pictorial exploration of the everyday, and in his piece Black Mirror at the National Gallery (2011) the interaction between the museum space, the mirror and the cinematic camera becomes a collaborative exercise for observation and composition making. In 2009 he represented Canada at the 53rd Venice Biennale.

    David Campany is a writer and curator. His books include Art and Photography (Phaidon, 2003), Photography and Cinema (Reaktion, 2008), Jeff Wall: Picture for Women (Afterall / MIT, 2010), and Walker Evans: the Magazine Work (Steidl, 2013). In 2010 he curated 'Anonymes: Unnamed America in Photography and Film', for Le Bal in Paris. Later this year he curates major shows of the work of Mark Neville (at The Photographer's Gallery) and Victor Burgin (at Ambika P3). In collaboration with BIMI (Birkbeck Institute of the Moving Image).

    When? 18:00-19:25
    Where? Birkbeck Cinema, 43-46 Gordon Square
    Booking: This event is free but please reserve your space here.