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Monday 20 May

The ruin as fragment in contemporary art

Spectacle and The Sublime: Romantic visuality and contemporary exhibition culture

    Tate Britain Curator Martin Myrone will discuss the Sublime as spectacle in relation to the exhibitions 'Gothic Nightmares' (2006) and 'John Martin: Apocalypse' (2011-12). Martin's writings and exhibitions explore Romantic painting as spectacle, revisiting and reinventing the multisensorial practices and possibilities of Romantic period culture.

    When? 18:00- 19:40
    Where? Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square
    Booking: Tickets are free, but please reserve your place here.

Tom Lyall presents DEFRAG_ a one man science fuiction epic

    Tom Lyall's DEFRAG_ spins a tender story of lost love and artificial intelligence into a global fable spanning the collapse of civilisation and the dawn of a transcendental posthuman technofuture. But it’s not the end of the world. In London a damaged soul reassembles the fragments of his shattered life. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a digital archive management system called Madeleine begins to develop a mind of her own and things take a turn for the altogether stranger...

    Artist Tom Lyall is an Honorary Research Fellow of the Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre.  His new work DEFRAG_ premiered as part of the Futureshock Festival at Camden People's Theatre in 2012.  The performance will be followed by a Q&A.

    When? 18:20-20:15
    Where? Room G10, 43-46 Gordon Square
    Booking: This event is free but please reserve your space here.

Science and writing symposium

Amy Levy and controversy

Writers Hub: Elizabeth Freemantel and Christie Watson

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