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Arts Week 2018: Tuesday 15 May


    When? 10.30-1pm
    Meeting at Russell Square tube station

    Taking Woolf's time travelling Orlando as our cue, we will speculate upon the life (and death) of landscape in Bloomsbury. Led by Corinne Noble and Simon King, this walk is a perambulatory and dialogic mapping that draws upon archive images, quotation and memory, casting fresh light on what we encounter.

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Curating sound for difficult histories

    When? 2-9pm
    Where? Cinema, 43 Gordon Square

    Focusing on the Holocaust, this event explores how soundscapes - music, noise, voices, speech and silence - have the ability to evoke difficult histories. Scholars and practitioners will consider the use of sound and sonic landscapes in the arts to address questions around representation, remembering, authenticity and affect.  How do film, music composition, installation art and museum exhibitions tackle what is unspeakable? See the programme here.

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Paper peepshow: make your own

Modernism in Bloomsbury? A counter-intuitive walking tour (Part 1)

    When? 5-5.50pm
    Where? Meeting outside 43 Gordon Square

    Behind demure Georgian facades we find stories of gentle liberation, false starts and fraught battles. Take one of two paths on offer through Bloomsbury’s streets and squares with walk leaders Leslie Topp and Nic Sampson (Birkbeck), tracing the hidden and not-so-hidden features of architectural modernism in Bloomsbury.

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Paper peepshow: peep into the rabbit hole

    When? 6.30-9pm
    Keynes Library, 43 Gordon Square

    This panel discussion investigates the popular optical toy, the paper peepshow. A curator, a collector, an academic and an artist discuss the paper peepshow and highlight its role in expanding our understanding of nineteenth-century visual culture.

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Gaelic hardship: Flann O'Brien's 'The Poor Mouth'

    When? 6-7.25pm
    Room 124, 43 Gordon Square

    The Irish comic writer Flann O'Brien's third major work was An Béal Bocht (1941): a slim novel parodying peasant memoirs of the West of Ireland, published under the name Myles na gCopaleen. Forty-five years ago, Patrick C. Power produced what remains the only full English translation of this work. In this workshop, Birkbeck’s Tobias Harris, Joseph Brooker and guest speaker Eoin Byrne (Galway) lead an exploration of the novel, using Power's English text. Surveying the fantastical landscape of Myles's West of Ireland, we can expect to encounter Gaelic revivalists, linguistic colonialism, driving rain, and a sly humour directed at myths of Ireland in the first decades of independence.

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Theatre scratch night

    When? 6-8pm
    Room G10, 43 Gordon Square

    Students from our theatre and creative writing programmes – ranging from undergraduate to PhD level – share their work in progress. The evening includes the first showing of several short new plays. From workshops to finished pieces, experience the processes and products of our creative factory and offer feedback on the work you see.

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Visual protest: art and militancy in the Suffrage campaign

    When? 6-7.25pm
    Room G01, 43 Gordon Square

    Militant suffragettes’ public demonstrations often deployed the visual arts. Exploring their campaigns, Gillian Murphy (Women’s Library, LSE) introduces the Artists’ Suffrage League and banners from their archive, while Monica Walker (Old Operating Theatre Museum) investigates links between art and militancy through the defacing of the Rokeby Venus.

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