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Arts Week 2018: Thursday 17 May

Thinking with dance, moving with fairy tale

    When? 2-5pm
    Cinema, 43 Gordon Square

    Gingerella (RockaFela) (65', Dir. Alex Reuben, Wellcome Trust/ACE, UK 2018) explores cognition, motion and imagination as expressed in fairy tales. Join the director for a screening followed by a panel discussion with Alex Reuben, Marina Warner and psychologist and neuroscientist Chris Frith.

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Literary 'Mythophysics’: a masterclass with Prof. Juan Duchesne-Winter

    When? 2-5pm
    Keynes Library, 43 Gordon Square

    This talk explores the novel by Peruvian author César Calvo, The Three Halves of Ino Moxo, Wizard of the Upper Amazon and the ways in which it adopts and plays with the indigenous oral thought traditions of the Amazon basin. The second of two sessions.

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Lubetkin's architecture in Finsbury

    When? 3-5pm
    Where? Meet at the foyer of Sadler's Wells Theatre, Rosebery Avenue

    Join our walking tour around three of Berthold Lubetkin's projects for the former borough of Finsbury, spanning from the 1930s to the 1950s - the Finsbury Health Centre, to the Spa Green Estate, and Bevin Court. Led by Mark Crinson (Birkbeck), walk with us to consider the topography and pre-twentieth-century architecture of Finsbury.

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‘Gigantic children of the sun’: Kew’s Palm House

    When? 6-7.25pm
    Keynes library, 43 Gordon Square

    Opened in 1848, Kew’s Palm House staged a tropical landscape just outside London. Reconstructing a visit to the Victorian Palm House, Kate Teltscher (University of Roehampton) will explore the nineteenth-century commercial and cultural obsession with palms, in conversation with Luciana Martins (Birkbeck).

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Pharmacosexuality: sex and hormones

    When? 6-7.25pm
    Room B04, 43 Gordon Square

    Accompanying the Transitional States exhibition (Peltz Gallery), experts discuss the pharmaceuticalisation of sexuality and recreational drug use in sex. Speakers include Erika Johnson (Linköping University) and Alex Dymock (Royal Holloway).

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The relationship between author and illustrator: how does it work?

It Repeats on You: an installation

    When? 6-9pm, introduction at 7pm
    Where? Room G02, 43 Gordon Square

    An installation of artworks on self-reflexivity in research, in which research student Sarah Scarsbrook explores the self as subject and object. What emotional journeys result from total immersion with your subject?

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Landscapes of culture: Raymond Williams 30 years on

    When? 6-9pm
    Cinema, 43 Gordon Square

    The death of Raymond Williams in 1988 robbed Britain of one of its most influential cultural critics. These screenings of three rare documentaries on Williams capture his stirring political and cultural lyricism and celebrate the career of this remarkable public intellectual.

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Decolonising Shakespeare?

    When? 6-7.25pm
    Where? Room G04, 43 Gordon Square

    Due to unforeseen circumstances Decolonising Shakespeare has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Experiments with art and empathy

In conversation with Ian Martin

    When? 6-7.25pm
    Room BO1, Clore Management Centre

    Award-winning comedy writer Ian Martin talks to Daragh Carville (Birkbeck) about writing for TV series such as Veep and The Thick of It (for which he was official ‘swearing consultant’) and films including In the Loop (2009) and The Death of Stalin (2017).

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