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Arts Week 2015: Wednesday 20 May

Photographs of London

    When? 6pm – 8pm
    Where? Room G04, 43 Gordon Square

    A panel discussion between photographers and historians of the medium. Speakers include: Tom Allbeson (Nottingham) on Herbert Mason, ‘St Paul's’, 29 December 1940; Lynda Nead (Birkbeck) on Bert Hardy, ‘Life in the Elephant’, Picture Post, January 1949; Ian Walker (Newport) on Thomas Struth, ‘Clinton Road’ 1977; Responding: Mike Seaborne (Freelance, formerly Museum of London).

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Globalization and Contemporary Culture

    When? 6pm – 9pm
    Where? Room G01, 43 Gordon Square

    This panel revisits and re-evaluates the idea of cultural globalization. Join us for a series of short talks and a film screening asking how artists engage with each other in a global context.

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Renaissance Ways of Seeing

    When? 6pm – 7:25pm
    Where? Room 112, 43 Gordon Square

    How did people ‘see’ in the Renaissance? In this panel discussion Joanne Anderson (Birkbeck) will ask who coloured Mary Magdalen and why it matters, looking particularly at early Renaissance artworks produced in Alpine Italy. Paul Taylor (Warburg Institute) will explore the multivalent idea of ‘imitation’ in relation to life and art in the Renaissance. Stephen Clucas (Birkbeck) will explore the visionary 'seeing' (or 'skrying’) of John Dee's angelic conversations. Gill Woods (Birkbeck) will investigate how characters went invisible on the Renaissance stage, and what that tells us about theatrical seeing.

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CANCELLED: Keeping it in the family: Renaissance writing dynasties?

    Dr Neil Kenny has had a cycling accident and therefore we have to cancel his scheduled lecture Keeping it in the Family. We apologise for any inconvience caused.

    Kingsley and Martin Amis were not the first. In the Renaissance, a remarkable number of writers (and scholars) belonged to a family double act – most often father and son, or brother and brother, but sometimes father and daughter, or mother and daughter. In a culture in which literature and learning earned new kinds of social prestige, transmitting the craft or vocation of writing from one generation to the next could help achieve social ascent. Why did people write together - was the aim to create dynasties, within which writing was a central plank? Join Professor Neil Kenny (All Souls) to explore how in the French and European Renaissance literature and learning did and didn’t make families a new place in the world.


Blake’s Dream: Vala or the Four Zoas

    When? 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    Where? Room G10, 43 Gordon Square

    A performance of approximately 30 minutes exploring Night II of Blake’s prophetic illuminated manuscript ‘Vala or the Death of Judgement of the Ancient Man: A Dream of Nine Nights’. In Night II Blake’s ‘visionary forms dramatic’ take their motions from Albion’s couch of death.

    The evening consists of two performances for a small audience (maximum 15) at 6.30pm and 7.10pm. The performances are followed by an open discussion at 7.45pm.

    Please note that for part of this performance, audience members will be blindfolded.

    Directed and performed by students on the MFA Theatre Directing.

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Gendering Austerity: Cultures of Coping and the Work of Consumption

    When? 11:30am – 5pm
    Where? Peltz Gallery, 43 Gordon Square

    How has austerity affected patterns of reproduction and consumption, and how have people been coping with economic recession and unprecedented and accelerating cuts to the public budget?  This half-day symposium will explore the effects of austerity on perceived futures, the home, and care, as well as artistic and performative responses as a form of coping and resistance. Speakers from different disciplines will present their research, and artists Jemma McDonnell (Paper Birds) and Alinah Azadeh (creator of Burning the Books) will speak about their recent projects.

    Supported by Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality (BiGS).

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Realisms of Precariousness: Señoritas and Mambo Cool

    When? 6pm – 9pm
    Where? Room B04, 43 Gordon Square

    The final two of four contemporary film narratives from Brazil and Colombia, being shown as part of a programme that presents four unique views that provide different accounts of the thresholds that can be reached by free images of Latin America.

    Señoritas / Lina Rodriguez / Colombia / 2013 / 87min. 
    The picture goes up in flames when the girl performing at Señoritas walks on the streets. A certain fragility of the everyday is broken . . .

    Mambo Cool / Chris Gude / Colombia / 2013 / 62min.
    We are in a land of images and ‘exile´ where swing and sabor are well known.
    Something drowns at the same time that flashes like lightning - and emerges as a source of life.

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Guilt and Utopian Space

    When? – 7.30pm
    Where? Gordon Square Cinema, 43 Gordon Square

    Presentation of a new work by Jonathan Hoskins, visual artist and member of the Guilt Working Group at Birkbeck. The work follows research into 19th-century utopian communities. Followed by a talk and discussion with an invited speaker.

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