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Birkbeck Arts Week 2014: Thursday 22 May

The Carnation Revolution Between African Anticolonialism and European Rebellion

    When? 9am – 8pm
    Where? Room B04, 43 Gordon Square
    This three day international conference will gather historians, sociologists, film scholars, art historians and political scientists to discuss the 1974-75 Carnation Revolution in Portugal, in the year of its fortieth anniversary. The Revolution is one of the most intriguing events in European contemporary history, in between post-war African anticolonialism and the context of social rebellion of the long 1960s. The conference continues on Friday and will conclude on Saturday with a day of film screenings.

Shakespeare in the Classroom: Text and Performance

    When? 6pm – 7:30pm
    Where? Room 112, 43 Gordon Square
    Why do we teach Shakespeare – and how? This panel of academics and teachers explores why we teach Shakespeare and the complex issues of value, tradition, text and performance that his plays present within and beyond the classroom. Join our panellists to re-evaluate the pains and pleasures of Shakespeare on stage and page. Panellists include Birkbeck experts Dr Gillian Woods, Paul LaRochelle and Jacqueline Watson.

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Curating ‘Empire’ at Tate: Dissonance and British Art

Laughter and Tears

    When? 6pm – 7:20pm
    Where? Peltz Gallery, 43 Gordon Square
    Have emotions changed over the centuries, and if so how? This event explores laughter and tears in French and German literature from the Renaissance as part of a history of emotions, and asks how public attitudes may have changed.

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Poetry in Film

    When? 6pm – 9pm
    Where? Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square

    Poems on film use the age-old techniques of image and sound to create an exciting new artform which is powerful and concise. Experience this artform with a screening of Poetry Films made by National Film and Television School students, followed by a panel discussion led by poet Martina Evans, with Jane Corbett (filmmaker and writer), Roger Crittenden (former Head of Programme at the NFTS), Liane Strauss, (Head of Poetry at Birkbeck), and film director Asher Tlalim.

    Reserve your free place for Poetry in Film here.

Theatre North presents MIRANDO: a new work in progress

    When? 6pm – 8pm
    Where? Room G10, 43 Gordon Square
    MIRANDO - A queer re-imagining of Shakespeare's Tempest. Following the success of Naked Homo and Handel's Cross, Andrew McKinnon and Martin Lewton return to Birkbeck Arts Week with Theatre North's latest project. Age 14+.

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Natural Histories of the Book

    When? 6pm – 9pm
    Where? Keynes Library, 43 Gordon Square
    This Material Texts event will consider the animal nature of books from medieval to modern. Whilst everybody knows that medieval manuscripts were often made from sheep, goat or calf skin, who has ever heard of dog books? While books are sometimes edible, there are a few, much rarer examples of man-eating books. This event uncovers the curious animal life of books. With Dr Luisa Cale (Birkbeck).

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