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Katharine Moulds

MA History of Art

'I had been thinking for a while about doing an MA in History of Art and I knew that for the career I wanted, I needed an MA. I was trying to get into museums and galleries as a Curator and they all advised me to get an MA, without one you won’t get very far.  I looked at a lot of different courses and the Birkbeck course really stood out for me. I liked all the modules, the lecturers and their speciality research areas .

'The University of London has an excellent reputation, and it was convenient because I was living in London. Birkbeck’s research reputation was very important to me and the fact that there was an option to do a research project as part of the MA course sounded very exciting. For the field I wanted to go into (curatorial work) you do need to have good research skills because you’re writing and presenting papers, writing text panels etc.  Birkbeck has a lot of good research facilities available to students, such as the libraries, online databases and resources for you to do online research.

'The course enabled me to start an internship with the National Army Museum, which obviously helped with my career. I already had a BA in the History of Art, but I don’t think they would have considered taking on someone who wasn’t doing an MA. I certainly wouldn’t have got the job I have now as a Curatorial Officer. My dissertation was an examination of the meaning of sentiment in various paintings, two of which are currently situated in the National Army Museum.

'The university where I did my undergraduate degree was quite different to Birkbeck, which is much more international, and there is a very different vibe to being in London. The library was always open, and the students are very serious about studying.

'The social element of my time at Birkbeck was great, I’m now living with two girls I met at Birkbeck, and I still see people from my course. My classmates are starting to get into the Art industry now, so it’s interesting to see what they’re up to. All of my lecturers at Birkbeck were very approachable and helpful, as they were very interested in what you had to say, not just telling, but listening as well.

'I believe doing your MA is all about how much effort you want to put into it. Because I waited so long to do my MA I was very excited to be doing it and worked very hard. Being organised, and giving yourself certain days to work was the best way to tackle it.

'My time at Birkbeck was an opportunity to study something that I was really interested in. As well as helping me progress my career, it was a year to do something that I really loved. It has given me lots of transferable skills; it’s built up my research capabilities, and definitely improved my writing.  It has also made me more determined to do what I wanted to do, and realise how hard I can work. Most importantly, having a Birkbeck qualification has allowed me to get the job that I want in my chosen career path. I would definitely recommend Birkbeck to others and in fact, my sister is starting at Birkbeck in October.'

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'The course enabled me to start an internship with the National Army Museum.'