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Eva Dubose

History of Art, Graduate Certificate

I feel more intellectually alive now than I have done in my entire life.

Despite a long and successful career in banking, Eva Dubose had always yearned to study a subject in the humanities.  When she and her husband decided to start a consultancy business together, it was the opportunity she had been looking for to explore this ambition further.

Eva tried a couple of lifelong learning courses at other institutions but didn’t feel that they provided the level of academic rigour that she was looking for.  On the recommendation of friends who had already studied at Birkbeck she found out more about the courses on offer at the College.  She came for an interview in the Department of History of Art and Screen Media and immediately felt that Birkbeck could offer her the level of study that she wanted. “I think at this stage in one’s life the quality is very important.  This needed to be right for me, and when I came for my interview I could see that there was an academic rigour at Birkbeck, an academic tradition which you don’t get on all programmes,” says Eva.

At this stage Eva wasn’t sure whether she should commit to an undergraduate degree, but Birkbeck’s flexible pathways meant that she could enrol on the Diploma in History of Art and Architecture, and then go on to the Graduate Certificate.  “I think Birkbeck is wonderful to offer such opportunities for anybody who wants to take up part-time studies with its very wide and flexible range of programmes,” she says.  Eva thoroughly enjoyed the Graduate Certificate and found that studying was absorbing, so she enrolled on the MA in Art History.

Previously Eva had studied more vocational courses related to her career in banking and had felt under pressure to get through the course in order to apply it in her profession.  This time around it has been very different: “I’m here for myself, and because I don’t have outside pressure it has been incredibly rewarding.  I feel more intellectually alive now than I have done in my entire life,” she comments.  “The diversity of the students in class adds a very interesting dimension; in terms of disciplines studied, experiences and ages – we had students in their early 30s and students in their 70s and I get a real kick out of that.”

Now enrolled on an MA, Eva has ambitions to build on this further through research projects and publishing her work.

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'I feel more intellectually alive now than I have done in my entire life.'