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Selected publications


Chapters in books and catalogues

    • 'Femmes et photographies en Grande-Bretagne (1839-1870): de la marge à l'avant-garde' in Qui a peur des Femmes Photographes? 1839-1945 (Musée d'Orsay, 2015)

    • 'Sculpture, Photograph, Book: The Sculptures of Picasso (1949)' in The Photobook from Talbot to Ruscha and Beyond (I.B. Tauris, 2012)

    • 'T for Touch' in Critical Dictionary, ed. by David Evans (Black Dog, 2011)

    • 'Photocollage, Fun, and Flirtations' in Playing with Pictures: The Art of Victorian Photocollage, ed. by Elizabeth Siegel (The Art Institute of Chicago and Yale University Press, 2010)

    • 'Photography and Sculpture: A Light Touch' in Art, History and the Senses: 1830 to the Present (Ashgate 2010)

    • 'Theories of Photography', 'Photography and Modernism', 'Photography and Contemporary Art', 'Photomontage', 'Albums' and various biographical entries in The Oxford Companion to the Photograph, ed. Robert Lenman (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004)

    • 'Vision and Touch: Women, Photography and Visual Culture in the Nineteenth Century', in Visual Delights, eds. S. Popple and V. Toulmin (Trowbridge: Wiltshire: Flick Books, 2003)

    • 'The "Eyes of Affection" and Fashionable Femininity: Representations of Photography in Nineteenth-Century Magazines and Society Albums', Phototextualities: Intersections of Photography and Narrative, eds. A. Hughes and A. Noble (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2003)

Journal articles

    • The Greek Slave and Photography in Britain’. Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide, 15:2 (Summer 2016).

    • ‘Photographs of Sculpture: Greek Slave’s “complex polyphony”, 1847 – 1877’19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century 22 (2016).

    • 'Editorial’ and  '"Multiplying Statues by Machinery": Stereoscopic Photographs of Sculptures at the 1862 International Exhibition' in 'The Sculptural Photograph in the Nineteenth Century', a special issue of History of Photography guest edited by Patrizia Di Bello, 37:4 (2013), 385-388, 412-420

    • 'Elizabeth Thompson and 'Patsy' Cornwallis West as carte-de-visite Celebrities' in History of Photography 35:3 (2011), 240-249.

    • 'Seductions and Flirtations: Photographs, Histories, Theories', Photographies 1:2 (2008), 143-15.

    • 'The Female Collector: Women's Photographic Albums in the 19th Century', Living Pictures 1:2 (2001), 3-20

Review and short articles

    • 'Photographer, writer and self-styled "cultural sniper": Jo Spence at Tate Britain', in Tate Etc. 35 (Autumn 2015)
    • 'Touching Photographs' (by Margaret Olin), in History of Photography 38:4 (2014), 441-443
    • 'Doing Family Photography: The Domestic, The Public and The Politics of Sentiment' (by Gillian Rose) in History of Photography 36:2 (2012), 228-230.
    • 'Mechanised Work or Artistic Creation: Nineteenth-century Debates on Class and Photography', a review of Steve Edwards. The Making of English Photography: Allegories, Oxford Art Journal 2008.

Selected conference papers and presentations

    • The Archive as Feminist “Family Album”: The Jo Spence Memorial Archive, plenary session at Imaging the Past / Collecting the Future: Archive, Photography, Cinema, Museum, International Conference organised by IMT (Istituzioni, Mercati, Tecnologie), School for Advanced Studies, University of Lucca, Italy. 22-25 June 2016.
    • 'Touching Vision: Stereoscopic Photographs of Statuettes', at What Sense is There in Art, 2015/16 Sackler Research Forum flagship project, Courtauld Institute, London. 26 September 2016.
    • 'Finished and Unfinished in Pictorial Photography', at the Study Day Pictorial Effect: Photography and Art in Britain 1835-1910, organized by Paul Mellon, Sotheby’s Institute and Tate Britain, to coincide with the exhibition Painting with Light. 7 July 2016.
    • ‘The Greek Slave, so undressed, yet so refined, even so pensive' at the Symposium On Pensiveness And Photography, Ambika P3 Gallery, University of Westminster. 5 September 2015
    • 'The Greek Slave and photographic reproduction', at a Colloquium on The Greek Slave by Hiram Powers, Yale Centre for British Art. 10 October 2014
    • 'Rough Surfaces: Pictorialist Photographs of Sculptures', History of Photography Annual Lecture, University of St Andrews. 24 April 2013
    • 'Rough Surfaces: Pictorialist Photographs of Sculptures' at Inspirations - Interactions: Pictorialism Reconsidered, Berlin Museum für Fotografie (Fürstensaal). 21-23 November 2013
    • Invited speaker at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, February 2010, on a 'Scholars Day' held in conjunction with the exhibition Playing With Pictures: The Art of Victorian Photocollage.
    • Invited speaker at Photography Beyond the Visual (New York, February 2010), a Postgraduate Workshop funded by an Andrew Mellon Foundation Grant and a Brown University International Colloquia Grant.
    • 'Sculpture, Photograph, Book: The Sculptures of Picasso (1949)' at The Photobook conference (April 2009), part of an AHRC Network Project organised by Birkbeck College, King's College and the University of Kent.
    • 'Photocollage, Fun and Flirtations in Victorian Drawing-Room Albums', at Domestic Exposure: Exploring Photography at Home, 1850 to the present, Geffrye Museum, London. September 2008.
    • 'Seductions and Flirtations: Photographs, Histories, Theories', at Photographs & Historical Research Practice, a Photo-Time Network Event, University of Manchester. September 2008.