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Most of my teaching on the History of Art degrees is in the modern period and, specifically, on nineteenth-century art, however, I also teach classes on approaches to art history and methodology. On the BA History of Art I teach two blocks on the Level 5 course, Art and Society in the Nineteenth Century. The first block is about Art and the City and examines some of the major cultural and artistic themes that emerged from the growth and modernisation of London and Paris during the nineteenth century. Classes topics include: urban improvement and the visual arts; health and the city; moral respectability and urban identity; the times of day and the development and representation of commercial entertainment in the period. The second block is on The Body and the Visual Arts and considers key debates and modes of representing the body in the nineteenth century, looking at topics such as: the nude and the academy; the body in motion; the male nude; Degas, Gauguin and the female nude.

I am Course Director for the MA History of Art, which is currently the largest degree programme in the Department. Students can follow either full-time or part-time modes of study and there is a specialist pathway for MA History of Art with Photography. I contribute to the MA Core Course Current Approaches to the History of Art and also offer two Option Courses: Inventing the Victorians, which examines how artists today engage with Victorian themes and motifs; and .Gender, Modernity and the City., which looks at the ways in which visual artists represented the new gendered identities that emerged in cities in the second half of the nineteenth century. Option courses are taught as seminars, with a maximum of twelve students in any group.

I currently supervise PhD students working on a range of subjects such as: The Cultural History of the Slaughterhouse; The Visual Culture of Cholera in the Nineteenth Century; The Great Exhibition 1851; Trading Victorian Femininity, The British Art Union Movement; Transitory Spaces of the Home in Nineteenth-Century Art. I welcome proposals for research on nineteenth-century art and culture, gender and representation, art and the city, art and film.