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Selected publications


Chapters in books

    • ‘Biedermeier Modern: Representing Family Values’ in Facing the Modern: The Portrait in Vienna 1900, ed. Gemma Blackshaw (National Gallery London, 2013)
    • ‘Coffeehouse Orientalism’ in The Viennese Café and Fin-de-Siècle Culture (Berghahn, 2013).
    • ‘Through the vitrine: Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God’ in Sculpture and the Vitrine, ed. John C. Welchman (Ashgate in association with the Henry Moore Institute, 2013)
    • ‘The Viennese coffeehouse: a legend in performance’ in Performance, Fashion and the Modern Interior from the Victorians to Today, eds. Fiona Fisher et. al. (Berg, 2011)
    • 'Josef Frank's Aralia: From Houseplant to Djungel', in Craft, Space, and Interior Design, 1855-2005, eds. Janice Helland and Sandra Alfoldy (Ashgate, 2008).
    • 'Performing Modernism', in Modernism: Designing a New World, ed. Christopoher Wilk (V & A Publications, 2006).
    • 'Le Peintre installé par la femme': Femininity and the Woman Painter', in Tamara de Lempicka Art Deco Icon (Royal Academy of Arts, 2004).
    • 'Sonia Delaunay's Simultaneous Fashions and the Modern Woman' in The Modern Woman Revisited: Paris between the Wars, eds. W. Chadwick and T. True Latimer ( Rutgers University Press, 2003).
    • 'Paris 1925: Consuming Modernity' in Art Deco 1910-1939, eds. C. Benton, T. Benton and G. Wood (V&A Publications, 2003).
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    • 'The Wreck of the Titanic' in Memory & Oblivion (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999).
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    • 'The Titanic: An Object Manufactured for Exhibition at the Bottom of the Sea' in Material Memories: Design and Evocation, eds. M. Kwint, C. Breward, J. Aynsley (Berg, 1999).
    • 'Dumbshows: A Carefully Staged Indifference' in 12 Views of Manet's Bar, ed. B. C. Collins (Princeton University Press, 1996).

Journal articles

    • 'Simon Starling: Crafting the Modern', The Journal of Modern Craft, vol. 1 no. 1 March 2008.
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    • 'Speaking Volumes: The Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau', The Oxford Art Journal, 15, No. 2 (1992), 58-69.
    • 'Cascades of light: the 1925 Paris Exhibition as ville lumière', Apollo, special Art Deco issue, 142, No. 401 (1995), 12-16.

Review articles

    • 'Couture Culture: A Study of Modern Art and Fashion', Design Issues, 20, No. 3 (summer 2004).
    • 'Peter Altenberg: The Fabricated Self', The Oxford Art Journal, 26, No. 1 (2003).
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    • 'Working in Tandem' [Sonia Delaunay], Art History,19, No. 2 (1996).
    • 'Unpicking the Threads of History', Women: A Cultural Review, 6, No. 3 (1995).

Selected conference papers and presentations

    • ‘Femininity, Modernity and Motion Pictures’ at the conference Looking at L’Herbier: French Modernism Between the Wars, Central St. Martins, London (part of the 4th Fashion in Film Festival)
    • Participant, Workshop on ‘Early Cinema and Fashion’, University of Stockholm, 2013.
    • Respondent, Rethinking Fashion Spaces, Royal College of Art, 2013 (Fashion Research Network).
    • 'The Viennese Kaffeehaus: A Myth of Origins', Wirth Institute for Austrian & Central European Studies and Department of Art & Design, University of Alberta, 2009
    • 'Through the Vitrine', Sculpture and the Vitrine Symposium, Henry Moore Institute, 2008
    • 'Josef Frank.s Textiles: Fabrications for a Modern World' at 'Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939', V&A, 2006
    • 'Vienna.s Klimt/Klimt.s Vienna. at the symposium .Art, Culture and Restitution: The Bloch-Bauer Klimt Paintings', Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2006
    • 'Janus Seated: Sigmund Freud and the Psychoanalytic Interior' at 'Modernity, Modernism and the Interior 1870-1970', Kingston University 2005
    • "Viennese Modernism: A New Look" at "Old/New", University of Nottingham, 2004
    • "Haptic Homes: Picturing the Modern Interior in turn-of-the-century Vienna" at "The Modern Magazine and the Design of the Domestic Interior 1880-1950", V&A, 2003
    • "Modernity and the Viennese Coffeehouse", AAH Annual Conference "Making Connections", Oxford, 2001
    • "The Inner Man: Masculinities in early 20th-century Vienna", Anglo-German Feminist symposium, De Montfort University, Lincoln, 1999 and also at the V&A conference .Art Nouveau--nature, history, symbol., 2000;
    • "Simultaneous Identities: Sonia and Robert Delaunay" at the .Women and the Art World of the 1920s and 1930s., Warwick and Kingston Universities, 1999
    • "The Titanic" at the Material Memories Conference, Victoria & Albert Museum, 1998