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Chapters in books

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Journal articles

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Selected conference papers and presentations

    • ‘Where was the Museums Boom?’, Spatial Humanities, Lancaster University, September 2018
    • ‘Mapping Museums and Managing Patchy Data’, Digital Humanities Congress, Sheffield University, September 2018
    • 'Hugging Baboons and Tracing Hieroglyphs: Why museum visitors touch exhibits without permission', Hold Me Now seminar series and conference, Keynote Lecture, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, January 2018
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Curatorial and research consultancies

    • Concordia University, Montreal. Consultant on foundation of Sensory Research Centre, 2011.
    • The Arts Council and Arts Through Touch. Conducted evaluation and wrote advisory report: Arts Through Touch: Then, Now and the Future, 2005-7.
    • Tate Modern, London. Researched and wrote advisory paper: Hearing, Touching and Understanding Art: Re-thinking Education Provision for Visually Impaired Adults in Art Galleries. 2009.