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Selected publications

Forthcoming or in preparation


  • The Scrovegni of Padua and their Chapel, c.1200-1600 (Brepols-Harvey Miller, in preparation)
  • '"I, Porrina": a hyper-realistic portrait in the Collegiata of Casole d’Elsa' Proceedings of the Andrew Ladis Trecento Conference Vol 1, eds. Holly Flora, Sarah Wilkins (New York and Turnhout: Brepols 2018)
  • ‘Flying Pigs, Fiery Whirlwinds and a 300-year old Virgin: Costume and Continuity in a Sacred Performance’ in The Long Lives of Medieval Art and Architecture eds Sarah Thompson and Jennifer Feltman (London: Routledge, 2018)
  • ‘Maddalena Scrovegni’ in Autographa II.1: Donne, Sante e Madonna (da Matilde da Canossa ad Artemesia Gentileschi) ed. Giovanna Murano (Imola: La Mandragora, 2018)



Chapters in books

  • 'A Knight in the Arena: the 'true image' of Enrico Scrovegni in the sacristy of the Arena Chapel in Padua' in Fashioning Identities in Renaissance Art, ed. M. Rogers (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2000).
  • 'Piety and Propriety in the Arena Chapel, Padua', Renaissance Studies 12/2 (1998), 177-205, reprinted in Display and Devotion: Religious Painting in Italy 1300-1500, ed. D. Norman, Offprints Collection (Milton Keynes: Open University, 2000).
  • 'Massacre and Motherhood: the Massacre of the Innocents in Late Medieval Art and Drama' in The Massacre in History, eds. M. Levine and P. Roberts (New York and Oxford: Berghahn, 1999).
  • 'Giotto's Design of the Arena Chapel, Padua' reprinted in Giotto and the World of Early Italian Art, an anthology of Literature, Volume II: The Arena Chapel and the Genius of Giotto, ed. A. Ladis (New York and London: Garland, 1998), 349-354.

Journal articles

  • ‘”Propria figura”: The Advent of Facsimile Portraiture in Italian Art’  Art Bulletin, 99/2 (2017), 72-101
  • 'The tomb of Enrico Scrovegni in the Arena Chapel, Padua' Burlington Magazine, CLIV (June 2012), 403-409
  • 'Giotto's Annunciation in the Arena Chapel, Padua' Art Bulletin, 81/1 (1999), 93-107
  • 'Piety and Propriety in the Arena Chapel, Padua' Renaissance Studies 12/2 (1998), 177-205.
  • '"Flete mecum": the Representation of the Lamentation in Italian Romanesque Art and Drama', Word & Image, 12/1 (1996), 110-126.
  • 'Giotto's Design of the Arena Chapel, Padua', Apollo, 142/406 (1995), 37-42.
  • 'On .Whether a man could see before him and behind him both at once.: the role of drawing in the design of interior space in England c.1600-1800. Architectural History 31 (1988) 148-165

Review articles

  • Review: 'Poetics and Painting in Late-Medeival and early Renaissance Italy' Art History 33/5 (2010), 910-915
  • Review: ..The Usurer.s Heart: Giotto, Enrico Scrovegni and the Arena Chapel in Padua. Anne Derbes and Mark Sandona The Medieval Review 09.07.18
  • Review: ..The Cambridge Companion to Giotto., eds. Anne Derbes and Mark Sandona. Speculum (2006)
  • Review: . .Confraternities and the Visual Arts in Italy: Ritual, Spectacle, Image. eds Barbara Wisch, Diane Cole Ahl Burlington Magazine, 143/1182 (2001), 573-4
  • Review: . .Renaissance Women Patrons: Wives and Widows in Italy c.1300-1550., by Catherine King Art History 23/2 (2000), 322-3