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Research interests

My research interests encompass European art, theory and culture in the period of 1400-1700, with a focus on Leonardo da Vinci. A central element in my research has been the direct study of primary sources and of the ways and forms in which knowledge has been expressed, assimilated and transmitted.

I am particularly interested in text-image relationships in artistic, architectural and scientific writings, as well as in the study of graphic forms of representation, drawing methods and teaching practices in workshops and academies. More specifically, I have been studying the reception of Leonardo da Vinci’s art and theory in a pan-European context (Italy, France, Britain and North Europe).

The cultural orientation of my research has also stimulated studies that include the classical tradition, the history of collecting and taste, the history of the book, and connoisseurial knowledge of paintings, drawings and manuscripts. My underlying concern has been to understand how the making of art is reflected in and reacts to texts about the means and ends of art. In addition, my research interests encompass broader reflections on methodological approaches to the study of works of art.