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Tim Wainwright

In the mid 1980s, I left a successful career in commercial photography to travel. A series of images of the hutment areas of Mumbai depicting what happens where spaces, times and identities meet, enabled me to look at different ways of not only using the camera but also combining it with other media – sound, film and word. I began investigating how I might be a witness without being a voyeur and became immersed in a series of works that played off the objective and subjective against one another. These included intimate projects recording the lives of the severely mentally ill, of people living with cancer and of heart and lung transplant patients. I have also created abstract collections concerned with location and landscape. My recent exhibition and continuing work, Vergeltungswaffen, explores the point at which memory becomes history through a series of photographs of London sites where V1 and V2 bombs fell during the Second World War.

I live and work in London.