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Joanna Zakrzewska

After obtaining dental (Kings College, London), medical (Cambridge) degrees and specialist training in oral medicine, Joanna Zakrzewska specialized in orofacial pain and became a fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine. At University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Professor Zakrzewska leads the largest UK multidisciplinary facial pain unit while at the same time running several research projects. She has written four books, 19 chapters and over 100 papers and is currently PI on a postdoctoral inter-disciplinary project on the visualisation of pain, 'pain: speaking the threshold', which grew out of the earlier, face2face.

Padfield D, Janmohamed F, Zakrzewska JM, Pither C, Hurwitz BA. ‘Slippery surface ... can photographic images of pain improve communication in pain consultations?’ Int J Surg. 8.2 (2010): 144-50.