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History of Art study trip

Each year, BA, Graduate Certificate and MA students in the History of Art department are offered the chance to take part in the departmental study trip. These trips are not obligatory, but students find them very enjoyable, and extremely valuable to their learning. They provide much needed time for first-hand experience of works of art, and informal discussion with other students from across the department.

The trips are offered in the Easter vacation, and are to cities that have a high concentration of relevant works of art. The trips focus alternately on the Modern and Renaissance periods, and span five days. They usually commence in the afternoon of the first day, and end on the morning of the last, with three full days in between.

Cities visited in the last few years include: Florence, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Rome, Berlin and Moscow.

The department does not charge a fee for attending the trip. As students' circumstances vary enormously, we do not arrange travel or accommodation, and students are responsible for making their own arrangements as best suits them, paying their own hotel bills, fares, subsistence costs, gallery fees etc. However, a detailed schedule of visits to sites of interest within the city is circulated beforehand, and our enthusiastic, knowledgeable lecturers meet the students each morning and guide them throughout the day. Please note that there are limited places available, and we cannot guarantee a place on the trip to all students.

The Murray Bequest offers a limited number of bursaries every year to students who would otherwise be unable to attend. Details on how to apply are circulated to students when information on the trip is released - usually in December or January.