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Prizes and prize winners

Annabel Ricketts award for a BA Dissertation on art or architecture before c.1800

    This award was established in memory of Associate Lecturer Dr Annabel Ricketts, a former BA and postgraduate student of the department, who was an authority on English country house chapels.

    Previous award recipients include:

    • 2017/18: Raymond Weekes
    • 2016/17: Nicholas Babbington
    • 2015/16: Not awarded
    • 2014/15: Sue Prior (BA HoA)
    • 2013/14: John Peacock (BA HoA)
    • 2012/13: Charlotte Heneage (BA HoA)
    • 2011/12 Paul Cockle (BA Dissertation: The Commercial Influences on the Manufacturing of Artistic Reputation: Perguino, a Case Study)
    • 2010/11 Vivien Pert (BA Dissertation: An exploration of how the design and decoration of the Chapter House and Vestibule at York Minister supported its function)
    • 2009/10: Rita Fennel
    • 2008/09: Judith Simmons
    • 2007/08: Susan Sharp

Catherine Jane Booth Prize

    Awarded every other year to a student 'showing special promise for the future'. Previous prize winners include:

    • 2016/17: Arthur Goodwin
    • 2014/15: Mike Bowman (MA HoA)
    • 2012/13: Ruth Harriss (MA HoA)
    • 2010/11: Claire Eldred (MA HoA)
    • 2008/10: Vincent Soto
    • 2006/07: Adriana Poyser

Maria Shirley Book Prize

    The Maria Shirley Book Prize for meritorious work in final assessment for the Certificate and Diploma in History of Art and Architecture was established in her memory by her colleagues and friends. Maria Shirley was Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in History of Art in the Department of Extra-Mural Studies until 1988.

    • 2013: Mike Bowman
    • 2012: Glenn Allsopp
    • 2011: David Robbins
    • 2010: Maria Cipollone

Mo (Maureen) Price award

    This award was established in memory of Associate Lecturer Mo Price, a former BA and postgraduate student of the Department who was an authority on Fernand L├ęger. Previous award recipients include:

    • 2017/18: Mario Zucchelli
    • 2016/17: Magdalena Pszuk
    • 2015/16: Christos Salatelis (BA HoA)
    • 2014/15: Sarah Thacker (BA HoA)
    • 2013/14: Paul Tuckwell (BA HoA)
    • 2012/13: Sheila Reynolds (BA Dissertation: 'The Finnish Pavilion Frescoes of Akseli Gallen-Kallela at the 1900 Paris World Exhibition. The Art of Politics?')
    • 2011/12: Maria del Mar Yanez Lopez
    • 2010/11: Jenifer Van Schoor (BA Dissertation: Trading Victorian Femininity: The impact of goods from colonised India on visual representations of respectable femininity in the mid-Victorian Period)
    • 2009/10: Ann Finn
    • 2008/09: Judith Chaffer
    • 2007/08: Elizabeth Coulson

London Art History Society Prizes

    • 2016/17: Sunil Shah
    • 2015/16: LAHS Prize: Anna Jamieson and Wil Roberts

The Peter Murray Prize for the Best MA Dissertation in the Early Period

    • 2015-16: Sarah MacBryde
    • 2016-17: Guy Haas