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Ronald Tress Memorial Lecture

Established in 2012, the Ronald Tress Memorial Lecture is as an annual event honouring Ronald Tress (1915-2006), the Master of Birkbeck from 1968 to 1977. Tress was a hugely influential economist, and he established the economics departments at Birkbeck, so the Lecture invites a leading figure in the world of economics and finance to speak on the pressing issues. 

From 1941 to 1945, Tress was Economic Adviser to the British War Cabinet and he played a vital role in the development of the post-war Marshall Plan for Western European economic recovery. He was also Professor of Political Economy at the University of Bristol. In 1978 he was appointed Director of the Leverhulme Trust.


Silvana Tenreyro: 'Understanding inflation: expectations and reality (video)'.


Professor Sir Adrian Smith, FRS: 'The challenges of Big Data'.


Professor Wendy Carlin, CBE: 'Trump, Brexit and economics'.


John McDonnell, MP: An audience with John McDonnell


Lord David Currie: 'The reformed UK competition and consumer regime: a new legal framework for a changing marketplace'. 


Neale Coleman, CBE: 'Economic regeneration and the impact of major sporting events'.


Geoff Mulgan: 'How can we make the economy more innovative and creative - and reduce the risks of monopoly, predation and harm?'. 


Professor Ron Smith: 'Military economics: defence choices for the UK'.