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Mentoring Pathways

The Mentoring Pathways programme offers the opportunity for final-year students and professional mentors to work together. Mentors are drawn from our Birkbeck graduates and corporate partners working in a diverse range of professions and industries. Current organisations and partnerships include PwCJP MorganArts Council EnglandFiserv and Ashurst.

The programme aims to support students' career aspirations and exposure to professional networks, by bridging the gap between academic learning and workplace practices. It also provides professional development benefits for mentors.


  • Mentoring is a professional relationship between the student (the mentee) and the mentor whereby the mentee benefits from the experience, skills and networks of the mentor. It operates for a specific period of time and has clear objectives.
  • A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge and advice with someone less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust, helping their mentee to develop skills, set objectives and facilitate progress towards career goals.
  • Both mentors and mentees from previous years have found the experience highly positive. Over 85% of students who have participated on Mentoring Pathways in previous years would recommend it to their fellow classmates.


  • Mentoring can help you to gain and enhance a number of skills and attributes, including:
    • soft skills such as listening and negotiating
    • a sense of achievement through helping others with less experience to succeed
    • professional training to develop mentoring skills, adding to your continuing professional development (CPD)
    • broadening your networks with universities and the student community.


  • The programme runs from November to June, and during this time we expect mentors and mentees to meet face-to-face once a month, with additional telephone and email support in between.
  • Matches between students and mentors are based on the development needs and career interests of the mentee. Where possible, mentees will be matched with a mentor who is employed in a sector or discipline of interest to the mentee.


  • If you would like to participate in the 2019-20 Mentoring Pathways programme as a mentor, you can apply now.  The application deadline is midnight on Sunday, 20 October 2019.
  • Training will be provided before you meet with your mentee for the first time in early November (attending one of the training sessions is compulsory for new mentors).


  • All undergraduate and postgraduate students in their final year in 2019-20 are eligible to apply by completing the application form. Students in receipt of funding, unemployed, or the first to go to university in their family will be given priority.
  • Application deadline: midnight on Sunday, 20 October 2019.
  • If you are successful, you will be provided with full training before you meet with your mentor. This will define your objectives to ensure you make the most out of your relationship.
  • Application tips:
    • Ask yourself what you want to get out of the programme and what your objectives are. It is a competitive process so please take the time to give full answers to give yourself the best opportunity at success.
    • Try not to be too specific about who you want to be matched with. Mentors come from all walks of life, and working with someone outside your preferred industry can result in an even greater learning experience. Keeping an open mind will give you more chance of being accepted onto the programme.
    • Please answer question 18 (key reasons for applying) in as much detail as possible to ensure that we can match you with the best possible mentor.
    • Finally, make sure you check your application thoroughly and think about the following:
      • Does it read well?
      • Have you tailored your answers to the questions?
      • Have you thought about the reader?
      • Check grammar and spelling to ensure you make a good impression.

If you have any questions, please .