Alumni authors

Many former Birkbeck students have published fiction, monographs and academic books in a wide range of genres and subject areas. If you have written a book and you would like us to publicise it here, please contact us


  • Niki Aguirre (MA Creative Writing 2005), 29 Ways to Drown. This collection of short stories conjures a gritty, often scientifically sophisticated world with a touch of surrealism. Buy this book online.
  • Emily Benet (Dip. Journalism 2009), Shop Girl DiariesSelling lightbulbs in her mother's London shop conceals the lead character's burning ambition to become a writer. 
  • Dr Jude Cowan (PhD Visual Arts and Media 2008), For the Messengers. Incisive and illuminating poems in response to un-packaged daily news footage.
  • Edward Glover (MPhil History 1970), The Music Book. A young English woman and a retired Prussian military officer are plunged into the London demimonde and a pursuit across Europe.
  • Sarah Gray (CertHE Creative Writing 2009), Surface Tension. A unique collection of dark tales that delve deep into the undercurrents of human psychology. Buy this book online.
  • Ben Gwalchmai (MA Modern and Contemporary Literature 2010)Purefinder. A child is dead, a man is blamed and dragged through hell; a Gothic-horror historical thriller with a metaphysical edge.
  • Emma Henderson (MA Creative Writing 2006)Grace Williams Says It Loud. Tells the story of a severely mentally and physically disabled young girl, sent to live in a mental institute at the age of 11. 
  • Sally Hinchcliffe (MA Creative Writing 2004), Out of a Clear Sky. Manda has found companionship, love and purpose among the twitchers of Maidenhead, but happy days end abruptly. 
  • Sylvia Horner (MA Philosophy and Religion 2003), The First Noble Truth. A collection of short stories on the theme of human suffering. Buy this book from Amazon.
  • Eva Maria Knabenbauer (BA Philosophy 1972)After Eden. A brother and sister seek misdirected revenge on their father's informer. Buy this book online
  • Nik Korpon (MA Creative Writing 2007)Stay God. Damon lives a content life, but after he witnesses a friend's murder, a scarlet woman glides into his life. 
  • Nii Ayikwei Parkes (MA Creative Writing 2006), Tail of the Blue Bird. A village in Ghana has not changed for hundreds of years until the discovery of sinister remains and the disappearance of a local man. Buy this book online.
  • Feridon Rashidi (MA Theory and Practice of Translation 2009), The Outcast. Kazem, a young Iranian man in love, kidnaps the girl of his dreams to prevent her marriage to another man. Tales of Iran. These diverse but entwined short stories present a vivid mosaic of the dramatic, comic, lyrical, and tragic. Buy this book online.
  • G K Taylor (LLB Law 2014), Deadly Contemplation: Encouraging Deception and Deadly Contemplation: Tough Justice. Two novels of suspense and intrigue involving relationships and family ties. Buy these books.
  • Jean M. Akam (MA Art History 2011), The Virtual Reality Space Pirates. It is 2051. Four Earth school children enter a forbidden museum door and discover a world of fantasy and adventure. Buy this book online.


  • Tom Bamforth (MA Social and Cultural History 2004), Deep Field: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Aid Relief. Tells the story of responding to humanitarian crises in natural disasters and conflicts around the world. Buy this book online. 
  • Lorna Almonds-Windmill (BA Politics, Philosophy and History 1993), Gentleman Jim and A British Achilles. Wartime story of SAS hero ‘Gentleman Jim’ Almonds (her father), who faced death nine times and escaped POW camp twice. 
  • Mary Berg (MSc Economics 1976), Norman Churches in the Canterbury Diocese. The origins, history, development and architecture of Norman churches in the Canterbury diocese. 
  • Troy Bowler (MSc Economics 1991), Trading the Fixed Income, Inflation and Credit Markets: A Relative Value Guide (The Wiley Finance Series). A comprehensive guide to the most popular strategies used in wholesale financial markets. 
  • Dr Neel Burton (MA Philosophy 2007), Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions. Examines emotions including lust, love, humility and humiliation, drawing conclusions along the way. Buy this book from Amazon.
  • Celia Clark (BA English 1967), Sustainable Regeneration of Former Military Sites. Analyses and suggests sustainable solutions for property formerly used for national defencee. Buy this book from Routledge.
  • Dr Cynthia Gamble (BA French 1997), Wenlock Abbey 1857-1919: A Shropshire Country House and the Milnes Gaskell Family. An exploration of Wenlock Abbey's evolution, history, activities and family life, based on an archive of unpublished letters, sketches, photographs and other documents.
  • Dr Emelyne Godfrey (PhD English 2008), Masculinity, Crime and Self-Defence in Victorian Literature: This book considers crime fighting from the perspective of the civilian city-goer, examining changing ideals of urban, middle-class heroism as told in popular works. Buy this book. Femininity, Crime and Self-Defence in Victorian Literature and Society: An exploration of the development of women's self-defence from 1850 to 1914, featuring major writers, and subjects including hatpin crimes and martial arts for women. Buy this book.
  • Christopher Gunstone (BA History and Archaeology 2011)The Greek Empire of Marseille: Discoverer of Britain, Saviour of Rome. History of Marseille, founded by Greeks, including the discovery of Britain, the defence of Rome, and the support of Pompey. Buy this book
  • Paula Hershkowitz (PhD Ancient History Classics and Archaeology 2013)Prudentius, Spain, and Late Antique Christianity: Poetry, Visual Culture, and the Cult of the Martyrs . An innovative approach to Prudentius and his poetry, arguing that Prudentius and his audience cannot be fully understood in isolation from their environment. Buy this book
  • John Hunter (MA Victorian Studies 2002)The Spirit of Self-Help: A Life of Samuel Smiles. Samuel Smiles came from a small-town, small-time family in Scotland to become a medical doctor, campaigning journalist, railway executive, bestselling author, and global celebrity. Buy this book
  • Geoffrey Madell (PhD Philosophy 1964), The Essence of the Self: In Defense of the Simple View of Personal Identity. A revised account of the self, making a compelling case for why the 'simple' or 'anti-criterial' view of personal identity warrants a robust defence.
  • Professor Peter Mittler (PhD Psychology 1969)Thinking Globally Acting Locally: A Personal Journey. Memoir of the author's refugee journey from Austria to England, and his career in psychology, university teaching and research, and consulting. 
  • Angela Montgomery (PhD English 1994), Quality, Involvement, Flow: The Systemic Organization. The overview, knowledge and tools to create a practical shift for twenty-first-century management. Buy this book
  • Clare Mulley (MA Social and Cultural History 2006), The Woman Who Saved the Children. The story of how and why a charismatic spinster revolutionised the way the world treats children. 
  • Sebastien Nokes (BA Philosophy 1994), Finance: Plain and Simple: What You Need to Know to Make Better Financial Decisions. A guide to financial jargon, showing how to understand it, speak it, and how to approach financial decision-making. 
  • Dr George D Pappas (PhD Law 2013), The Literary and Legal Genealogy of Native American Dispossession: The Marshall Trilogy Cases 1823-1832. A unique study of how literary and public discourse influenced three US Supreme Court Rulings by Chief Justice John Marshall with respect to Native Americans. Buy this book.
  • Luigi Petrella (MSc Politics and Government 2004)Staging the Fascist War, The Ministry of Popular Culture and Italian Propaganda on the Home Front, 1938-1943. Analysis of the regime crisis through the perspective of a failed propaganda programme. Buy this book.
  • David Scott (MSc Structural Biology), Around the World in 18 Elements. A tour of the elements found in the British A-level syllabus in a chemistry context, with test questions. Buy this book
  • Martin Sixsmith (Dip. Applied Psychology 2006), Russia: 1,000-Year Chronicle of the Wild East. Russia's politics, music, literature and art, from the ninth century to the twenty-first, tracing conundrums to their roots. 
  • Lynette Spencer (MA Modern French Studies 2003), Folklore and Fairy Tales From Burma (Myanmar). 21 simple Burmese folk tales with deeper meanings around themes such as traditional family values and respect. Buy this book. 
  • Susan Symons (MA Victorian Studies 1986)Schloss. Explores the history and personal stories of 25 beautiful and fascinating German schloss, focusing on arranged marriages and younger brothers. Buy this book
  • Johanna Thea (BSc Psychology 2014), If Only You Knew. An autobiography of professional actress Johanna Thea in 21 short stories exploring romance, love, sensual pleasure, domestic violence, trauma and bulimia. 
  • Colin A Whiteman (BSc Geography 1974 and PhD Geography 1990)Cold Region Hazards and Risks. An introduction to a vast array of both common and less common ice and snow hazards in the global warming context.
  • Allan P O Williams (Psychological Sciences 1963)Occupational Psychology, Management Education and Consultancy: A 50-Year Narrative for Academics Striving to Manage Their Careers in a Competitive Climate. Career advice for academics in a competitive international market based on exercising choices, established theories and roles, and the author's experience. Buy this book.
  • Trevor Williams (Birkbeck alumnus)Trading Economics: A Guide to Economic Statistics for Practitioners and Students. A clear view of how financial statistics interact to create and demonstrate economic trends and movements. Buy this book.
  • David Waller (MA Victorian Studies 2004)The Magnificent Mrs Tennant. Recovers the lost life of Gertrude Tennant, drawing on recently discovered letters, diaries, and documents.
  • Joanna Wise (BSc Psychology 1992)Digging for Victory: Horticultural Therapy with Veterans for Post-Traumatic Growth. Horticultural therapy can engage veterans who present with a range of complex and challenging healthcare needs. Buy the book.
  • Bob Crew (MA Modern English Literature 1994), Mandela: A comparison of the lives of Mandela and current South African president Jacob Zuma to other world icons in order to bring a new understanding. The Beheading and other stories: A collection of true stories based on the author's experiences as the Saudi Arabia correspondent for The Times. Gurkha Warriors: The regiment's story, showing the Gurkha blood that has run through the veins of British military conquests for more than two centuries. Buy his books online.

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