Bridges to Birkbeck

With our two campuses - in central and east London - Birkbeck sits at the heart of London and we are committed to working with communities to raise peoples’ aspirations, awareness and ability to undertake university study. Working with Local Authorities to reach these communities is critical to achieving this. Bridges to Birkbeck is our collaborative strand of work, embedded within the strategic priorities of key boroughs to identify and deliver activities based on the needs of a community, in the community. 

If you are interested in hosting an outreach programme in your borough to support the regeneration or promotion of higher education, please contact us

About the programme

  • We are currently working with Haringey, Camden and Newham to deliver meaningful activities such as lectures, advice sessions, application workshops, academic preparation and careers and employability support. The aim is to enable residents to make the most of the economic and social changes happening around them through development and learning opportunities which Bridges to Birkbeck provides. 

Community and Professional Development 

  • 'Focus on Wellbeing': free learning for voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations
    • This is a workshop designed to share cutting-edge research and learning with Londoners. It is also a chance to start conversations about our personal, professional and learning goals. 
    • At these interactive, one- to two-hour workshops, we will consider a range of accessible activities and ideas from recent research and ancient wisdom, to help us think about creating more fulfilling lives, careers and lifelong learning.
    • This opportunity is offered to VCS staff and volunteers. We may also be able to deliver this session to your service users and beneficiaries.
    • All we need from you, once a session has been arranged, is a training room and a guarantee that a minimum of 10 participants will attend. 
    • To find out how your organisation could benefit, please email , Associate Lecturer.