Bridges to Birkbeck

In 2015, we partnered with Haringey Council to launch Bridges to Birkbeck. The programme is geared to meet the aspirations of residents in Tottenham. There are many exciting developments in the area, and our unique partnership aims to complement the regeneration of Tottenham by offering educational and career pathways. 

About the programme

  • Based in Tottenham's 639 Enterprise Centre, our event programme includes a series of workshops designed to inspire, engage and challenge participants to give them an idea of what higher education is like and how it can play a critical role in supporting people to achieve their career ambitions. Lectures, professional guest speakers and career planning workshops will take place alongside UCAS application advice to support prospective students with the application process and writing a personal statement.

Workshops, lectures and tasters 

Community and Professional Development 

  • 'Focus on Wellbeing': free learning for VCS organisations
  • This is a workshop designed to share cutting-edge research and learning with Londoners and is a chance to start conversations about our personal, professional and learning goals.
  • This would take the form of an interactive one or two-hour workshop where a range of accessible activities and ideas from recent research and ancient wisdom will help us think through creating more fulfilling lives, careers and lifelong learning.
  • This opportunity is offered to VCS staff and volunteers. We may also be able to deliver this session to your service users and beneficiaries.
  • All we need from you once a session is arranged is to organise a training room and guarantee that a minimum of 10 participants will attend.
  • To find out how your organisation could benefit, please email , Associate Lecturer.  

Higher Education Introductory Studies (HEIS)  in Tottenham 

  • We offer our Certificate of Higher Education in Higher Education Introductory Studies (HEIS) at the 639 Enterprise Centre in Tottenham, for Haringey residents. The focus is on social sciences, offering a great starting point if you are interested in advancing to a degree in the social sciences or in social policy. This certificate can also help you in a wide range of careers. Bursaries are available for Haringey residents.