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Dr Stephen Walker

Dr Stephen Walker has a 44-year association with Birkbeck, most recently as Dean of the Faculty of Science. He says he is particularly proud of his work as the admissions tutor for BSc Psychology from 2000–2007. ‘It is one of the College’s biggest teaching programmes. Over a longer period as Dean, it was a privilege to work with colleagues distinguished in several different academic disciplines. Also, as a member of the Buildings Committee, the redevelopment of the main building was an exciting time.’

Dr Walker’s graduate training was in the field of animal behaviour, with an emphasis on conditioning and learning, and he has since had interests in several brain and behaviour issues. ‘The first time I came to Birkbeck was to be interviewed for a PhD studentship in 1963. Much later, I was employed as a lecturer. I found that most of the students had their own impressive areas of expertise. Today’s students are just as impressive. Probably the most vivid memory is interviewing a BSc applicant who managed to get to Malet Street on the day of the London bombings. This is just one illustration of the determination that I’ve always admired in Birkbeck’s part-time students. I congratulate all part-time students graduating this year, and as a full-time Birkbeck post-graduate myself, I congratulate the many full-time students too.’