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The equalities agenda is embedded in the College's decision-making structure, through the work of the Equality and Diversity Committee, which reports to the College Governors (the highest decision-making body of the College).

The College publishes a comprehensive annual statistical equality and diversity report setting out key equality data in line with the public sector equality duty. The report contributes to Birkbeck’s evidence-based policy making and enables it to identify and action areas for further improvement, inform the setting of indicators for the existing equality objectives and consider what additional objectives should be identified.

Birkbeck's Equality Objectives (2017-21)

  • Objective 1: Build an inclusive place to work, by developing a culture in which equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded and mainstreamed into all aspects of Birkbeck life.
  • Objective 2: Build workforce diversity, through supporting diversity and equality among our community of staff, by identifying and investing in talent at all levels, and advancing equality of opportunity in employment, retention and development.
  • Objective 3: Provide an inclusive educational experience and learning environment for all students. This will involve ensuring that we have a challenging and inclusive curriculum, assessment that is rigorous but attuned to the experiences and needs of our student body, and provide a learning environment and student support services which improve student retention and enhance student attainment.
  • Objective 4: Establish new governance frameworks and mechanisms whereby performance against the College’s agreed Equality Objectives and actions are monitored and owned (accountability). This will also enable further analysis and targeted interventions to be undertaken where sufficient progress is not being made.

Assistant Deans, Equalities

The Assistant Deans for Equalities provide leadership on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues, supporting and facilitating the development, progression, promotion and embedding of institution-wide and local equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives. If you would like to contact one of the Assistant Deans for Equalities, their contact details are below: