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The equalities agenda is embedded in the College's decision-making structure, through the work of the Equality and Diversity Committee, which reports to the College Governors (the highest decision-making body of the College).

Birkbeck's Equality Objectives (2012-16)

  • Objective 1: comply with equalities legislation by promoting equality of opportunity and diversity in all that we do. 
  • Objective 2: raise awareness and understanding for all staff and students of their equality and diversity responsibilities. 
  • Objective 3: develop a diverse workforce reflective of the student body.
  • Objective 4: develop an inclusive and enabling environment that promotes tolerance, acceptance and freedom from discrimination at work, study and in all that we do.

These objectives will inform the development of the College's draft Equality Strategy 2012-16.

Equality and Diversity Strategy Review

As part of its commitment to equality and diversity, the College is undertaking an Equality and Diversity Strategy Review, which will support the development of new equality objectives. 

The Strategy Review is a process involving both staff and students from across the College and engaging stakeholders, including the trade unions, the Students' Union, TRIGGER, and different staff and student functions and services.

The final Strategy and objectives will appear on this page once formally adopted by the College.